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Oral bac en anglais lv1 lieu et forme de pouvoir


je passe mon oral d'anglais dans très peu de temps et je vous demande donc un peu d'aide pour corriger mon texte et voir ce que vous en pensez, d'avance

i’m going to talk about the notion places & forms of power. first of all i would like to give a definition of this notion. in politics and social science, power is the ability to influence the behaviour of people. in order to live together members of a community accept rules, regulation, laws. this helps to create social cohesion but can also lead to conflicts and tensions. even where authority seems absolute, there are always counter powers which question on it, aim at limiting its excesses and resist it.

in order to illustrate this notion, i’m going to talk about the media and attempt to answer the question “why can we say that the media have an important power? ” to answer this question i will use document study in class in two parts first “what type of power “ and secondly “ the medias become an addiction”

the media are very important nowadays. in "who rules america" jeff cohen, a media critic, says that while america is government-run, the media has an even bigger place in the way we see the world. the biggest media channels like cnn, nbc, abc, use their newscasts for example to promote a brand, a political campaign etc. channels use their power to be in the eyes of all to propagandize and interfere in our true way of seeing the world. it can also be seen that, these television channels offered a lot of entertainment, such as a reality show or series allowing them to have a monopoly on our minds.

this monopolization is explained in the co "how the media affect youth". oda faremo holds a conference in norway on the consumption of youth media and learns that young people face it for 10 hours a day. this is intended to make us ask questions about ourselves and it disturbs the perception of the world and the real life. between series, films, radios, music, social networks, the flow of information is much too important for truth presupposition to be verified. the new generation is living vicariously through the screens, and is far too exposed.

it comes like an addiction. in “why reality tv works”, we can think that everyone needs entertainment with the different offers that we are suggested. we have the example of x-factor in england, which is the most followed emission of the country. this type of shows are there to seduce, and allow to have faithful viewers, who follow these adventures daily. by dint of seeing these emissions, we get hooked.

the addiction is such that we go out from home and add to each and every gesture of these people. in the picture of the bathroom, we see a person watching tv in his bath. the image on tv is a moment in the movie the truman show, where this protagonist is filmed with an infra-red camera. the addiction comes to look at someone who is not physically known to sleep. this film is the story of a man adopted by a television channel to be filmed all his life, in theory. his life is just fake, like most programs on tv.

the media has enormous power over us. with new technologies, the media are with us constantly and participate in the changes of our perceptions of the world. they have power over our mind. i think it will be necessary to be distrusted because the media are creating new diseases like the addiction to the screens which will be able to be more devastating than an addiction to other drugs. because the stop of consumption of this drug is impossible with the world of today. that’s why if you want to entertain yourself, take a game and go play with your friends in a park.

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Oral bac en anglais lv1 lieu et forme de pouvoir ,je passe mon oral d'anglais dans très peu de temps...

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